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The Need For Emergency Food Packages and How You Can Help.

We have supported an increase over our expected numbers. This means smaller packages and more calls to the community to help us fill the cupboard but with the support of Mazon Canada, it also meant the ability to buy specifically needed items for large families. Like healthy snacks for lunches.

At West Broadway Community we gave out 1952 hampers. Serving 3,128 Individuals of which 1,116 were children.

At St Matthews Maryland Community at least 2400 hampers were distributed, to over 1463 individuals of which 331 were getting food on behalf of their families – which means that 29% of the food went to homes with children in them.

Each year our numbers increase, the need for this program is unfortunately growing. Thanks to your help we could meet that need.

  • Over 500 low income families received emergency food packages that made the difference between sustenance and hunger.

  • Over 3000 low income people: mainly seniors (60%) and/or people on social assistance (80%) received emergency food packages.

  • One woman who came in for emergency food was supported to find housing that was safe and had supports for recovery from a major surgery.

  • One man who came in for emergency food was supported through the grief of losing his wife, his home and all his photos of his wife in a few months.

  • Emergency food is often the first contact, then the relationship and support builds from there.

“This food is important, but even more important are the opportunities for relationship that this food creates. People come for food, but this program offers them so much more than that; whether it’s a referral to a service they need, or just a compassionate listening ear. Everyday we see people come in with the weight of the world on their shoulders and go out with a spring in their step and a smile on their face.” Josh Ward, Site Supervisor

The Emergency Food Pantry is so often a stepping-stone to other supports for guests. So many come in because they’ve run out of food, but then get connected with resources that can help them learn important life skills, employment certifications and much more.

It is often in nourishing people at this high time of need, that we can then help them nourish their belief in themselves to the point that they can build a better life for themselves.

“This food saved my life, and my family. I can never say how much it meant to me. Now I have a job, and my wife is in school. Things are going to be good.” Hassan A.

To donate please visit:

Thank you for your support!

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