Indigenous Cultural Programming

Respected Elders
Respected Elders

1JustCity Demonstration Pow Wow 2020

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Reconciliation Circle
Reconciliation Circle

A young participant learns to make bannock and later delivered to activist encampment.

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Winner of Ojibway Language Bingo
Winner of Ojibway Language Bingo

Many Indigenous local business owners and performers donated gifts for our language bingo.

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Respected Elders
Respected Elders

1JustCity Demonstration Pow Wow 2020

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About 1JustCity's ICP

Our Indigenous Cultural Program & Highlights from 2021

1JustCity’s Indigenous Cultural Program was born from the North End Stella Community Ministry’s (NESCM) initiative in Winnipeg’s North End. Since 1980, NESCM has supported strong Indigenous identity and culture and repented the colonial effects on Indigenous nations in Canada. Indigenous Cultural Programming is an essential piece when working towards reconciliation.

1JustCity believes that the first step to providing meaningful Indigenous Cultural Programming is accessibility. We offer our programming to everyone, no matter where they may be in their lives. Everyone is welcome to join, and everyone who joins is equally deserving of learning a new skill (like sewing a medicine pouch). Our ICP activities can help people battling addiction or help Indigenous People learn more about their culture.

1JustCity is excited to be an ally and partner in building healthy relationships and leading the way in reconciliation. As one of our four pillars, we are committed to offering mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health practices through Indigenous Cultural Programming at our three sites.

We welcome anyone who is simply curious to learn a new skill or wants to be immersed in the culture.


We invite you to learn more and visit us during our programming schedule below. 

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During the summer of 2021, MB restrictions were lifted just in time for our annual 1JustCity Demonstration Pow Wow. 

The entire community showed up, as the past year during the pandemic restricted pow wow's from happening. We saw an increase in the number of participants and dancers at our third annual pow wow. Special Guests like Lisa Naylor, Art City and Sandy Saulteaux Centre were in attendance. 

ICP Events Calendar

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West End event

West Broadway event

Oak Table Event

Community Profiles

Linda Sharpe


Linda Sharpe is a long-time member of the West End community. Linda first moved into the West End Commons in 2015, and she's been involved with 1JustCity since the beginning. Linda is a strong force within our drop-in and has a passion for helping others whenever she can. Linda has spent the pandemic learning about Indigenous cultural values through a course with The University of Alberta, as well as attending our non-violence intervention and Naloxone training on harm reduction. 

Linda's leadership and passion for our Harm Reduction crew led her to become a part of our West End team. Linda now serves as Lead for our Outreach Crew and trains new volunteers as they sign up. Linda has worked closely with our community in education, safety, and support. We are so thrilled to have her now working as staff within our drop-in on weekends, and she's become a pillar of safety for our participants as she continuously loves the underloved.

Dwayne Gladue


Dwayne Gladue is a volunteer and spiritual care provider with St. Matthews Community Ministry and 1JustCity and he has a passion for sharing his teachings with everyone who asks. Dwayne supports those in the community through prayer, dance, and storytelling. He truly connects with our ICP participants and community by living the seven sacred teachings every day. We are honoured to have him as a volunteer and community member who is highly respected and valued by all who know him. Dwayne has become our Elder — a survivor himself, Dwayne continues to learn about the ceremony and the language through Pow Wow and sharing circles. 

Dwayne currently supports our ICP programming up to three times a week and works closely at providing a positive male role model through our men's wellness circle. Whenever Dwayne comes across an opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with the community, he will stay until the person is cared for and reminded of their own resilience. 

Stories, Links, & Resources

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