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You’re likely reading this somewhere you feel comfortable and safe. For many of our guests’ 1JustCity drop-ins are their only comfortable and safe space. The guests you create a safe space for could be struggling with homelessness or housing where they’re regularly robbed or threatened.  


A friend who lives on the street told me “no one does meth cause they want to.”  For him meth started as a way to stay awake at night to keep watch of his belongings and stay warm walking. Quickly though he says “it became its own problem instead of solving one.” Let’s call this friend Karl. Karl is known for being helpful and polite. Karl says many of the people he uses meth with have harder stories than his. “They’re using to bury all the hurt they’re carrying – like they’re drowning in hurt so they drown that out with the meth” and for some of them – when the meth high is there its hard to not feel scared or upset.  So it’s really not a ‘Meth Crisis’ it’s a crisis of heartbreak, trauma and fear surfacing in meth use.


Everyone deserves a place where they can be loved and feel safe!

Thanks to funding from the Winnipeg Foundation we have trained our Community Capacity Builder to deliver Non Violent Crisis Intervention training. This means that any of our volunteers, many of whom are also program guests for meals or activities, have the option of enhancing their skills to reduce conflict, to recognize when conflict although directed at them is not about them, and to be a calming presence in the spaces. The Winnipeg Foundation paid for the training to deliver the training so with your help we can cover the material costs – for $30 – you can get a volunteer certified and skilled in Non Violent Crisis Intervention (that looks like a manual, a certificate, two light lunches, and a more capable person in our community).


We have over 300 active volunteers – you can change one person’s skill set and have that ripple into a whole community – or help a few people grow.


It’s your call! Whatever you give today – you’ll be giving to directly support people the most impacted by meth in our communities to have skills to de-escalate conflict, skills to support healing and skills to take care of themselves through it all! You’ll change a life!

Your donation will be safe, secure and sent right to us from CanadaHelps.