1JustCity Actively

Loves the Underloved

We are where people come to belong, to be accepted, to get a hug and experience love, and to gain the means to build a better life. Because of donors just like you, people are supported to build themselves up so they can in turn build up their communities.

This often starts with a meal, a food hamper, or a warm place to sleep then grows thanks to our compassionate volunteers making connections with our guests! 

1JustCity is an organization that supports three drop-in community centres in Winnipeg’s core neighbourhoods: West Broadway, the West End and Osborne Village. Our services include daily meals, art, senior’s programs, haircuts, showers, laundry, toiletries, and clean undergarments. In the winter months we also run the pop up warming centre in Osborne Village: Just a Warm Sleep. 

Each of our drop-in sites (West Broadway Community Services, West End, Oak Table Inc.) serve those living with addictions, those without a place to call home, or those shunned by others based on race, income and sexual orientation.

The need for their presence continues to grow, especially in these times of economic stress.



1JustCity’s mission is to strengthen and sustain social justice work in Winnipeg through the financial support of its member charities.



1JustCity works towards a city that is founded on justice, where all are heard, all are welcome, all are cared for, all are celebrated and all are working together.



We are all here to:

Build Community • Respect each other • Be accountable for our actions • Keep everyone safe

Since 2015, 1JustCity has been loving the underloved. We are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Treaty One Territory and in the homeland of the Métis. Through the work of our member charities – Oak Table (est. 1980), St. Matthews-Maryland Community Ministry (est. 1972) and West Broadway Community Services (est. 1979) – and independent programming, every year we help over 15,000 people experiencing poverty, homelessness, mental health struggles, addiction, hunger or loneliness. Our mission is to create a Winnipeg where everyone is welcomed, supported, celebrated and empowered.