Our Pillars


Loving the Underloved

At 1JustCity, our primary role is to love the underloved.


That’s a term our guests use. They come to be part of a family; to be hugged; to be listened to; to matter.                   


We also provide meals, health services, socks and more. Every one of those services is an expression of love. 

And we love to love!


The idea of being underloved is actually from our drop-in family/guests who say they come to be a part of a family, to be hugged, to celebrate or mourn together and with volunteers and staff. Love can be listening, love can be socks, love is often a meal being prepared and served, and so what we do is love!

Reconciliation is a journey for all Canadians.


Reconciliation is a priority for us. We think it's crucial that opportunities exist for all Indigenous peoples to connect to their culture, to heal in community and to have culturally competent care. Through our Indigenous Cultural Programming we’re committed to accessible reconciliation programming like our sharing circles program and education for all our guests on the impacts of colonization. Whether it's in book club or around the circle - we're learning the way forward together!  We also create special events to celebrate the resilience and diversity of Indigenous cultures, such as documentaries or a Pow Wow demo in the drop-ins. Read more about our Indigenous Cultural Programming here.

We're grateful to the Anglican Foundation of Canada, The United Church of Canada Justice and Reconciliation Fund and to North End Stella Community Ministry for supporting the Indigenous Cultural Program for 2020 at all three of our locations! 


Working Towards Reconciliation


Growing Individuals' Capacities

Growth is part of healing.


Everyone has something to give back. You know your gifts and talents (if you don’t know what they are, we’d happily point them out to you) but for so many at the drop-ins they’ve been turned away from volunteering because they’re told “they don’t have much to offer.” It's just not true! Every single volunteer we have, whether they’re completely independent or need full time tandem volunteer support is worth the effort. They deserve inclusion. They crave opportunity to develop new skills and as they are empowered, they empower their community. Volunteers with varied skills are essential to our work, we can’t do it without everyone pitching in whatever they have to offer.

Our Community Capacity Builder supports over 200 volunteers every month - click here to volunteer alongside someone as a mentor today!

All are welcome.


When you support 1JustCity, you’re supporting newborns and ninety year-olds, Syrian refugees and Cree-speaking elders, single men who are homeless, women and children who are couch-surfing, someone building the courage to leave domestic violence, someone building the skills to go back to school, and everything in between. We are a community where all are welcome. Whether it’s celebrating a special event, crafting, getting a haircut, shopping at the low-cost Christmas store, meeting with a peer advocate, chatting with a nurse or pharmacist - and so much more - our programming is designed to help folks have the best shot at a good day today and a better day tomorrow. Part of every good day is family and for those without, the community and family they build with one another and with our volunteers at our sites, thanks to you!


Building Inclusive Communities