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Our Pillars


Loving the Underloved

At 1JustCity, our primary role is to Love the Underloved.


Many of our guests are insufficiently loved or neglected, and they come to our sites looking for connection and a sense of family. Guests tell us they often feel “invisible”, and we all know people have an inherent need to be heard and seen.  


At our drop-ins, we work to provide environments where our guests feel safe, accepted and loved, and every service we provide, be it a meal, a game of bingo, an art class, or a haircut, all are expressions of love towards our guests. Knowing people by name, spending time listening to their stories, and supporting them by connecting them with appropriate resources and programs helps our guests feel welcome and accepted.

Reconciliation is a journey for all Canadians.


The reconciliation process is important for all Canadians because it's about the basics of how we treat each other as fellow human beings and the kind of relationships and communities we want to build for the future.

At 1JustCity we believe it is crucial that opportunities exist for Indigenous guests to connect with their culture, to heal within a community, to have culturally-competent care, and to ensure that Indigenous staff hold  leadership positions within our organization.


Through our Indigenous Cultural Programming, we are committed to truth-telling regarding the harm done by colonization to Indigenous people. Our programming is meant to bring all of our guests together — Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike — to appreciate the heritage, culture, and contributions of  Indigenous people. 


Working Towards Reconciliation


Growing Individuals' Capacities

Growth is part of healing.


At 1JustCity, everyone comes through our doors for their own reasons.  Some come to receive support while others come to give support. The connections they build with each other create a space where everyone’s needs are met. 

We believe that in a climate of acceptance and love everyone has the ability to learn and grow, to develop confidence and new skills, and reshape how they view themselves.  At 1JustCity we are committed to fostering this climate, and as a result see guests become volunteers, volunteers  become friends, and the community become a family.

All are welcome.


At 1JustCity, we provide everyone with a place where they are treated with dignity and respect.  


At our sites, we strive to use thoughtful language, to address people as they choose to be addressed, and to provide a safe space for people of all beliefs and those who may experience exclusion and isolation. 


We work to create an environment where social connection and a sense of belonging can occur. 


All are welcome. All are accepted. All are loved.


Building Inclusive Communities

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