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1JustCity's Gift Guide

Welcome to 1JustCity's Online Gift Guide.


Your gift has power and gives power to those who are underloved and underserved. Your gift helps build the capacity people need to take steps towards a better life. You are changing lives, one gift at a time.

To give a gift, click SUPPORT NOW under the item or program you'd like to support. We'll do our best to ensure your donation goes where it's intended but if that need is satisfied, it will go where it's needed most.

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Nourish Your Neighbours

Food is the cornerstone of life. With your help, we can provide guests with the meals they so desperately need to make it through another day - and then help them access sustainable food sources so every day is not an emergency. 


Connections and Community

For many of us, evenings are often spent connecting with friends and family. Unfortunately, evenings are very long and isolating for our guests. Our evening activities give them the opportunity to create their own circle of friends and build trust and community to drive away the lonely times. It also bridges the time between our daytime drop-in and our overnight shelter. Your support helps provide meaningful and fulfilling experiences for our guests. 


More Than Surviving the Day

When you are constantly looking for enough food to survive, there is nothing else. You lose the moments that make the difference between surviving and living. That is why, in addition to our food programs, our guest activities exist: so people can experience the little joys that make us feel whole. Your donation helps people take a break from the stress of their reality. 


Connecting to Indigenous Culture

Many of our guests are disconnected from their Indigenous culture and unable to heal from past trauma. Our goal is to provide Indigenous-lead support to help our guests feel safe to explore who they are, to awaken their spirit and to give them an opportunity to be proud of their culture.


You can join us on the journey of reconciliation by helping us provide culturally appropriate Indigenous programs for our guests.


A Dignified Life

There’s no denying how much better a shower, freshly washed clothes or a new haircut can make you feel. By donating, you’re helping provide the everyday necessities — including showers, laundry, seasonal clothing, washrooms, haircuts, hygiene items and more —  to ensure our guests live a more comfortable, dignified life. 


Your support will help transform the lives of our guests.


The Power of Pets

Pets are companions for life. For our guests, pet ownership can provide stability, responsibility and love that is beneficial to their mental health. We provide pet-friendly spaces and supports so our guests are better able to keep their pets in good health – and so their pets, in turn, can provide them with constant love, acceptance and companionship.


Your support will be used for food, vaccinations and unexpected vet bills. 

Just a Warm Sleep

Everyone deserves a safe, warm sleep. The Just a Warm Sleep program provides housing support and eviction prevention in addition to our shelter that gives up to 30 people a warm night’s sleep from November to March.


Your donation helps guests access the resources they need to get a home, keep a home, and have a safe, warm sleep.  


The Joy of Celebration

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