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Resources on Reconciliation

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

We're excited to talk to folks about one of our core pillars: reconciliation. The question that always ends those talks is "Where do I learn more?" or "Who do I learn from?" So here's some answers - there's lots more you can read and learn from and this list is not exhaustive but we hope it will help you get started.

- One of the best ways to start is by educating yourself on Indigenous rights, movements and initiatives in Canada like...

  1. United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples here

  2. Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action here

  3. Indigenous Harm Reduction Policy here

- A.Y.O (Aboriginal Youth Opportunities) Michael Redhead Champagne has a great question

It was a tweet from AYO that actually led to the start of 1JustCity's Just a Warm Sleep. The change they're affecting reaches far beyond Winnipeg's Northend! Read JaWS origin here

- The Turtle Island Solidarity Network of Christian Peacemaker Teams focuses on Settler Education including delegation based and coalition based learning. You can learn more here

- One of our regular volunteers, Hanwakan Whitecloud is also a mixed media storyteller about Indigenous identities who recently did a documentary on Pow Wows across Canada. Catch all 5 episodes to learn about Pow Wows from Coast to Coast starting with the Odawa Pow Wow in Ottawa at this link, a huge Pow Wow in Quebec City at this link, a Pow Wow and the traditions in Newfoundland at this link, one in Kamloops at this link and the final episode focused on the diversity of Pow Wows in Winnipeg including graduation Pow Wows, Two Spirit Pow Wows and more that can be found at this link.

- Buy copies of "Surviving the City" by Tasha Spillett or other amazing graphic novels being produced to help youth understand Indigenous experiences, resilience and worldviews.

- On Social Media follow some Indigenous leaders like Tasha Spillett, Michael Champagne, Hanwakan Whitecloud, Nigaan Sinclair, Kakeka Thundersky and more!

- Connect with groups doing work on reconciliation like Taking it Global, & the KAIROS Blanket Exercise.

- Read books on this amazing list compiled by librarians for Reading toward Reconciliation.

- Read perspectives from our Community Minister Josh here

- Read perspectives from our Indigenous Cultural Safety Leader here and here

We hope that gets you started in a great way!

The second emblem in our logo representing our commitment to reconciliation.

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