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New experiences

My name is Jacklyn, and since this last October I’ve had the pleasure of having my International Development Studies practicum placement with 1JustCity!

It’s always tough to choose a place to do a practicum when there are countless amazing organizations in Winnipeg, therefore my choice of 1JustCity is a testament of how much I feel it positively impacts the community and is committed to reconciliation. Equally important, my ability to have choice in what I would be working on during my time with the organization further proves 1JustCity’s attention to capacity building goes beyond empowering its community members.

My tasks with 1JustCity were to help with the annual Christmas Store, occasionally work in the drop-in at St. Matthews Maryland, and work some overnight shifts at Just a Warm Sleep. There I was able to have some great conversations and build relationships with community members and volunteers. Besides having some prior drop-in and non-profit work experience, being presented with these new opportunities and experiences was very exciting, and I gained many new and useful skills along the way. Assisting with the advertising aspects of the Christmas Store was one thing I was already comfortable with, but I especially appreciated the way I was able to push my comfort zone with the sponsorship portion of the project and reach out into the wider community.

In addition to the valuable time I was able to spend with 1JustCity and the various tasks I had undertaken, the biggest thing I want to express is how incredible and impacting the work that is being done at all levels of the organization. I am truly humbled by the staff and volunteers I had the pleasure to meet and work alongside, who continuously “love the underloved” and strive to empower all those who enter the doors. I am looking forward to seeing how 1JustCity grows in the coming years as an ally and as a friend!

Written by Jacklyn, 1JustCity intern

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