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Craig_in_the_Peg sets out to beat Guinness World Record! AGAIN!

I moved into the area with my then fiancée, Linda, in early 2009.

As both of us were unemployed, myself being on disability social assistance (I live with anxiety and depression), quite a combination those two are, wouldn’t you say, times were hard and had to use the services of Manitoba Harvest.

I had bounced around from a few different locations in the west end to be honest, mainly due to not feeling welcome. I felt labelled and judged no matter which location it was.

Then, late in the year, Harvest recommended St. Matthews-Maryland as a pick up point. Well, as the saying goes: “And the rest is history!”

From the 1st time I came, I felt welcome. I felt compassion towards me from TOTAL strangers and they didn’t judge me or Linda at all. I knew I had to become involved. I wanted to help this location as best as I possibly can. I spoke with the then community minister, Juanita Lowe, about possibly volunteering my time to help, to which she gladly took me on.

I began volunteering on Mondays & Fridays helping unload the Harvest truck, as well as help with set-up for food bank days. It felt good to start to help others, even if it was just in this small way.

From here opportunities came up such as the former program “First Steps to Employment” which I can say proudly that I completed and passed the very 1st classes that were held. My confidence improved. Improved so much so, that I was finally comfortable in my own skin, confident in myself, that I was able to start back at work and re-joined the workforce.

I was gainfully employed for just over 2 years, however, my department closed due to Covid and company restructuring last year.

I took this time off to reach for a dream of mine. I attempted to break a Guinness World Record.

To know me, is to know that I am a HUGE MOVIE FAN! I PROUDLY wear my “Movie Geek” badge with honour, LOL! I’m not saying that I’m the smartest when it comes to movie knowledge, not by far. I will say though, that my knowledge is vast.

Anyway, to make a long story short with that record run attempt...

I beat the record, however, by sheer clerical error alone, run didn’t count.

So many things that this place has helped me with in my life, makes me determined, driven, and positive with an endeavour that I’m going to take on starting in May, all while helping 1JustCity continue to thrive, plus break a Guinness World Record in the process.

I know this ride is going to be fun, adventurous, and all of you will be rooting me on all the way. I will continue add a little more about me and what is happening as it is mildly secretive at the moment as a challenge is going to be involved.

Take care everyone.

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