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Build an Inclusive Community With Us!

Hey everyone! I’m Kai and I use the pronouns They/Them. I have been a consistent volunteer at 1JustCity since it was founded. I also intern in the summer when I am not working as an Educational Assistant in a middle school. As a Trans person I have always felt comfortable and safe volunteering at 1JustCity. In my work with the St James School Division, I also educate people on Trans inclusivity as well as live my truth publicly, so students and staff alike know that it’s okay to be genuinely yourself.  My health (including my mental health) and wellness improved greatly when I transitioned two years ago. Now I am living as who I am - a non-binary person who believes in inclusive communities like the ones 1JustCity seeks to establish. In September 1JustCity focused on its Reconciliation Pillar. Trans inclusivity has a strong history in Indigenous cultures (the term Two-Spirit was founded here in Manitoba) and the team at 1JustCity includes trans volunteers, more than just me and trans staff members so we wanted to ensure that this was our next focus. So, all month - I’m doing a social media takeover for 1JustCity and you’ll have a chance to learn along with me and become a better ally. You’ll also get a chance at the end of the month to ask me questions!

You can send those in advance through messaging 1JustCity on social media or wait until the night of!

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