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West End Drop-in

365 McGee Street | 204.995.2944

Belonging is a Core Human Need

1JustCity's West End Drop-in offers health and wellness programs to meet basic needs and help individuals and families thrive in Winnipeg's West End community.


Programs include a daily Drop-in, Indigenous Cultural Programming, Community Capacity Building Programming, food supports, and more. 

We also offer social and recreational programs to build social connection in our community, and provide safety and belonging. We are working hard to build a resilient community of love and support  - a place where people are known by name.


Josh Ward | Site Lead | 204.779.8957 |

Desiree McIvor | Indigenous Cultural Program | 204.774.3957 |

Grace Gyolai | Program Staff - Weekend Drop-in |

Lexi Giesbrecht | Housing Support | 204.560.4040 |

Senami Saibu | Food Manager | 204.774.3957 |

Kayleigh Lagimodiere | Indigenous Cultural Program |

Sam Collett | Program Staff - Weekend Drop-in |

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