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Oak Table's
40th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Join us for an evening in celebration of the accomplishments of Oak Table, and the opportunity to fundraise for continued support of care and programming for Winnipeg’s most vulnerable.

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Our theme this year is There's No Place Like Home. But the reality for our guests is that they may not have a home, or that ‘home’ may not be a safe, comfortable place to be. 

Oak Table is home for many of our guests. It’s where they come to see their family, eat or learn to cook a hot meal, relax after a hard day, and have fun. It’s where they can attend art classes, connect with their Indigenous culture, and access resources to help them better their lives. 


By purchasing and individual or 8-person table ticket to the Oak Table 40th (plus 2!) Anniversary Gala, you’re ensuring that we can provide a sense of ‘home’ to our guests for many more years to come. And don't forget to participate in the auction! A variety of auctions play a central role in the fundraising component of all Oak Table’s events and the Gala Dinner is no exception. Your participation in the auction will help Oak Table provide service to the community for many years to come. Plus, you might just get to go home with a cool prize!

Purchase your tickets by clicking the button below.

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