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We are offering a new internship to current post-secondary students or graduates looking to build skills and connect to their community!

This internship is a two-month commitment of 20 hours/week with the option of
adding a third month personal project. It is an unpaid internship.

Interns will;

  • Receive a reference upon completion

  • Be given formal training opportunities

  • Gain valuable skills

  • Familiarize themselves with social media for non-profits

  • Build relationships with community and other stakeholders

  • Have the ability to design their work around their interests

  • Have the choice to add a third month for a personal project


Month 1:

You will be immersed in one of our spaces four days a week during drop in times. This is an opportunity to understand the work that we do and build relationships with the folks coming to the drop in. The fifth day of the week will be spent on social media/website content development.


Month 2:

Behind the scenes! You will have more autonomy in this role in terms of which skills you are looking to develop, but the tasks could include working with a donation software, grant writing, operational plan updating, communication plans, etc. During this month you will also be on call during the drop-in times to fill positions as needed and stay connected to the drop in for any special events. You'll need somewhere to do this work from - whether its a home office or the local library.

Month 3 (Optional):

This month would be a special project that you would choose. Examples would be a project you think could enhance the spaces or bring awareness to more people of the work of 1JustCity.

We also offer internships and work placements based on the needs of the student, whether that be a 3-week internship at 35 hours/week, or a two month internship twice a week. 

If you're interested in doing an internship or work placement with 1JustCity, fill out the form below!

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