Compete SOLO or in RELAY teams of three

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a refund if the weather doesn’t cooperate?



This year, there are 10 days to participate. Hopefully, it won’t be -30 for ten days straight!


But, we make every effort to ensure that the weather does not thwart our fun and we’ll stay in touch with you about any curve balls mother nature throws our way.


How do I create my own course for Option 2?

Pick two sports and plan three legs. 


Some sport options are (but are not limited to): running, cross country skiing, tobogganing, downhill skiing/snowboarding, biking, walking, pulling your child or friend on a toboggan, or rolling a snowball uphill.

Too cold or too warm?

If the air temperature is below -30 C on the day you planned to race, please take caution. You have 10 ​days to participate, so you should have another opportunity to complete the race.


If it’s too warm and the River Trail is un-skateable, please do a duathlon — 5km run, 5km bike, 5 km run. For relay teams, the skater or one of their teammates would run 3km.


How do I track my time and send it in?

Download a GPS tracker such as Strava, Map My Run, or Garmin. Track each leg that you do and take a screenshot of the leg. 


When you're done, please send your screenshots to before 6:00 p.m. that night. You will be entered into a daily draw, but any entries sent after 6:00 p.m. will be counted for the following day. 


How does fundraising work? 

Create an online pledge page individually or as a team at the bottom of the registration page. Share this page to family, friends, coworkers or anyone you want to encourage to donate to the cause.


Prizes for fundraising include:

Raise $40 — you get a race buff and a coffee from Fools and Horses.

Raise $60 — you get a race buff, free coffee, and 1 free drop-in yoga class (online) from Modo Yoga.

Raise $100 — you get a race buff, free coffee, and 1 month of free online yoga classes (online) from Modo Yoga. 

Not to mention, we have some rad prizes for the top fundraisers. For teams, the prize will go to the team captain to share with their team. 


When can I start my race? 

Any time you’d like! The beauty of the virtual race is that it’s flexible, and you can start whenever it works for you and your team!


How do I get my race kit?

This year we are doing a post-race kit pick up at one location. COVID-19 makes things weird, ok?! 


Pick up location and date is to be determined. You’ll receive an email about the details closer to. The kit will include your buff and any prizes you’ve accumulated from your awesome fundraising!


What kind of bike should I use?

Fat bikes, mountain bikes, or cyclocross bikes are all acceptable. Studded tires are allowed provided that the studs are shorter than 5mm, measured from the tire surface.


Can I still rent a bike at The Forks?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to rent a bike at The Forks this year. 

However, Woodcock Cycle Works is offering bike rentals from their store at 433 St. Mary's Road. We encourage you to rent your bike only for the hours you'll need it rather than a whole day. This way, others who also need to rent a bike have ample opportunity. 


Are there age restrictions?

Yes. Participants must be at least 16 years old on race day or accompanied by an adult during the race.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

YES. Please wear a helmet for any skate, bike and ski segments. 


Can I use spikes on my running shoes?



Do I have to have a Tri-Manitoba membership?

Yes, you do have to be covered by the liability insurance. However, Tri-Manitoba is helping us by waiving the cost of all 1-day TriMB memberships, and current annual TriMB members receive a $5 discount on their entry fees. 


Is there an award for the fastest time?

Not this year. We appreciate everybody’s participation and are looking forward to a more competitive race in 2022!

Does my course have to be at The Forks?

No! Create your course wherever you can safely do so.


Where do I store my bike and skates if I do Option 1 at The Forks?

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide supervision for your equipment this year. Please find safe storage while you complete your legs (like a bike lock for your bike, or a locker for your skates).


REMINDER: Please adhere to the provincial COVID-19 guidelines at the time of the event. This year’s race is happening over 10 days with 2 race options to maximize social distancing and keep all of our participants safe.