Josh Ward is the dedicated Site Supervisor at 1JustCity outreach site, St. Matthews Maryland Community Ministry. He began at the Ministry for his practicum during his studies at the University of Winnipeg and Centre for Christian Studies and we loved him so much we asked him to stay on with the team! Now Josh has a wide range of responsibilities in overseeing everything at the site. He spends his days working with volunteers and community members coming through the site, applying for grants, and dreaming up new program ideas. Josh’s favourite part of his job is building relationships and creating a family at the outreach sites that go through the good and bad times together. He is motivated most by the ‘magic’ that happens at the space when people come together and work together to make a real difference in the lives of those who walk through the doors. Josh’s kindness beams through the work he does at the ministry which is driven by the desire to make a difference and respond to poverty in our city and globally.


Laura Everett is the Community Capacity Builder at St. Matthews Maryland Community Ministry. She was encouraged by her friend to apply for the position and we are lucky that she did because she is amazing and so fun to work with! Before joining us she ran a free clothing program at a larger shelter in the city, so she brings a lot of experience and creativity to her role with us. Laura is motivated by social justice which she has been studying for a long time, and which makes her such a visionary for the work we do at 1JustCity. She does a variety of jobs during the day which include administrative work, event planning, and pastoral care. She is an exceptional problem solver which she proves in her work with community members who are accessing the site. Her favourite part of her job is seeing the special moments when people start believing in themselves.


Meet Laura, filling the new role of Special Populations Coordinator! 

Laura will be working with 1JustCity based at our member West Broadway Community Services thanks to grants from Telus and New Horizons for Seniors!  

Laura is excited to bring back a 55+ Group as well as begin connecting with youth aging out of CFS (Child and Family Services) care and the organizations that are currently providing resources for these youth. Laura believes strongly in the impact of connection. This past Just a Warm Sleep season we were luck to have Laura be 1JustCity's Housing Coordinator and run the overnight warming program. We're thrilled to have her back in a new role! Her work now as the Special Populations Coordinator will allow Laura to participate in what she loves: conversations over cups of coffee, sharing life with others, listening to people’s truths, community building, and supporting the transformation love makes in individuals' lives. She believes small conversations can lead to large transition. Laura is continually taught, challenged and changed by the neighbours that come through our doors to have a cup of coffee, share a meal, take a shower, volunteer, or seek out resources. 


Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud is a fearless advocate for social justice and community wellness in Manitoba. Her approach in her professional and volunteer work is: "What's the best I can bring to make my community better and reach the goals of whom I’m working with?" That’s why it’s so awesome that she’s our Executive Director! She makes our city better by building bridges with all communities and bringing people together to solve large and local challenges.

From making it possible for people to have a warm place to sleep to creating understanding about colonization through custom workshops for businesses and NGOs with her husband Hanwakan, or in her former work teaching at the University of Winnipeg, she displays her compassion for others and the possibilities for healthy places and people in our province and city. Tessa loves sharing stories that opens people's hearts to the idea that each person needs some happiness in their days, be it fresh socks, a hug or a warm place to sleep.