St. Matthews Maryland Community Ministry

Belonging is a Core Human Need

1JustCity at St. Matthews Maryland Community Ministry offers health and wellness programs to meet basic needs and help families thrive in Winnipeg's West Central community. Programs include food supplement, emergency food cupboard, parenting, cooking, nutrition, and job skills. Support for parents with pre-school kids creates healthy families and better outcomes, while programming for seniors reduces isolation and anxiety. Activity and recreation programs create social connection and build safety and belonging. We work to reduce poverty in our community by giving people the tools and support they need to become financially stable.

Contact Info

365 McGee Street - Winnipeg MB - R3G 3M5

We are located at the corner of St. Matthews and Maryland, in the basement of the West End Commons building.

Elevator access is available.

Community Facilitator

Josh Ward


Community Capacity Builder

Laura Everett


Cultural Safety Leader

Lori Abraham


Happening Now at STMMCM

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