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Youth from Balmoral Hall tucked in last month to experience Just a Warm Sleep.

Recently we took youth from some local schools and United Churches to meet me at the bell tower. We did this to celebrate Bell Tower’s birthday as part of the Just a Warm Sleep (OVER) for youth. The youth went to Bell Tower, most for their first time and thought it was a night of celebration it was also important to remember why Meet Me at The Bell Tower came to be, and so they told their origin story. Read all about it below!*

Youth from Balmoral Hall tucked in last month to experience Just a Warm Sleep and they’ll tell you themselves it wasn’t the most comfortable - compared to their beds. But for our guest sleepers, who are otherwise outside, they’ll tell you its amazingly comfortable. One woman living with a disability who was a regular sleeper last winter said many mornings in a row “I slept like a baby.”

Youth at Trinity United Church talked about how part of what makes your bed comfortable is sheets, and blankets you picked out. They understood, like you do, that no one picks sleeping on concrete in minus forty, yet without you, that’s the reality for far too many. Exhausted from the cold, from the fear of being attacked, of the long walks to stave off frostbite, but it can be different because of you.

With your donation you’ll make sure people are welcomed into a safe warm space, with mats and blankets crocheted with love, security to monitor their belongings, and a chance to rest - now also a chance to be supported to find housing.

Haley, our warming centre volunteer coordinator says what shocks her most is the high percentage of folks in transition. People who just don’t have someone to turn to in the bind between places, or in the crisis of a relationship breakdown, people who have no one to turn to but you!

Just a Warm Sleep runs on your generosity and the compassion of people like you. This year we’ll be adding a housing coordinator who will get to know folks at intake and support them to find more stable housing. This position is 100% covered by a grant but we need you to open those doors again so the work can happen. A donation of $250 cleans, opens and secures the space with BearPaw staff.Donate by mail, by phone or online now, and be the warmth someone else relies on this winter.


Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud Executive Director

PS: Any amount helps us, please donate what you can to help others have access to Just a Warm Sleep.