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The Hangry E.D. and Happy Joe

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

This is a Thank you, to YOU from me!

If we haven’t met I’m Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud and I’m the Executive Director of 1JustCity. I love the work we do but sometimes it’s really hard and do you know what keeps me going?? YOU!!!!

You make it so that I don’t lose hope. Governments are making decisions all the time that tell people they continue to not matter, that tell them safe housing for low- income people is not important and that tell them they should live off only $4 a day for food. I’ve tried it I was Hangry all day.

And I think to myself how do I change the system, how do we make it better in the long run.

Then I remember Joe, Joe who lost everything recently when his over crowded poorly kept apartment complex flooded and he lost all of his furniture. I remember trying to give him sleeping mats, people like you plarned (knitted out of plastic bags) and him saying, ” I have sheets and a warm floor, more than the folks at Just a Warm Sleep, so you keep’em”.

I remember how sad he looked that he has lost everything. Everything that it was really difficult to accumulate piece by piece, lucky find and free weekend hunt. Joe barely makes his rent every month, he was definitely not insured. He won’t make his rent this month, except for you. When you give today, Joe has a place to go to eat, he has a place that added some furniture to his sheets and dishes that he had left, he has a place that is going to help him scrape by one more month.Because of you – because of you giving today – Joe is going to smile tomorrow! 

That’s not making it all better, or changing everything, but are you ever changing everything for Joe!

Help Joe Smile!

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And Vote for the Kitchen Joe calls home to get a $100K facelift here