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Help a Hungry Family

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

You would never send your kids to bed hungry if you could avoid it. You’d make sure they had the nutrients to grow strong and stay healthy. You’d never want them to stress over hunger instead of pay attention in school. We’re asking you to do that for a kid in your neighbourhood. When you donate to the emergency food program at 1JustCity you are feeding Wynne lunch on her first day of Kindergarten. When you donate to an emergency food program at 1JustCity you’re making sure Terry has enough energy for the basketball tryouts around the corner. Your donation will make sure that no kid gets left behind because of hunger.

At 1JustCity a family in need of food can access a kit until next pay day or food bank delivery. A family struggling can breathe a little easier because you spent some extra on groceries. Wynne will learn her alphabet better; if you give, Terry has a chance to make the team.

Hunger is a barrier to focus and therefore to achievement in school, sports and personal lives. The demand for this program is booming - if you donate $20 today you’ll help one family. Donate $40 today to help Wynne and Terry! Donate now

The items most needed are:

Canned meat 

Canned vegetables


Pasta sauce 

Peanut butter 

And tampons/pads