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Updated: Jan 2, 2019

At Oak Table, for many of our guests food is a basic need “…and for most of our guests food is a top priority. Everyday people come in hungry, some to the point of desperation,” Oak Table Executive Director.

In 2017, Oak Table served an astounding number of 22,000 meals.

“We believe the kitchen is the heart of the home…..and for many guests – Oak Table is home. We didn’t want it to look like a soup kitchen; we didn’t want function to be its only quality – we wanted this to be a place of peace and comfort,” expressed Glynis.

Oak Table is in the process of undergoing some very large-scale changes to a more permanent home – one that feels like a home!

“A place built just for our guests, with them in mind” – Oak Table’s E.D. Glynis

The newly renovated space will part of the Augustine Centre – a hub for the arts, education and justice. The concept of the renovation will highlight the vibrancy of the neighbourhood, bringing new life to Osborne Village and continuing the legacy of service in the community that began over 120 years ago.

The renovations will see the introduction of

  • a dignity bathroom where it will be open to all guests for extended hours and will be equipped with a no threshold shower.

  • a new art and program space,

  • a computer lab,

  • a multipurpose room,

  • new office space,

  • shared meeting rooms,

  • and a newly built kitchen space that will eliminate the soup line and allow for table service.

The renovation will not resemble a commercial kitchen, cupboards will stand in place of wire shelving, and countertops will be quartz not stainless steel. The kitchen will be a place where volunteers & guests get to know one another, where memories are made, and where everlasting friendships are formed.

“We aren’t big on the image a soup line portrays…..We know needing to line up in a food line takes away some dignity, and our dream is to be able to serve our guests, make them feel welcome and special and loved,” she remarked.

Oak Table is committed to the concept of community, where dignity is shown, shared, and reciprocated among both volunteers and guests. The goal and promise of 1JustCity is simple—to share love with the underloved—and the newly renovated 4478 square feet will resemble and honour their promise.

Opportunities for you to be a part of this exciting revitalization are many. Mobilize your friends, your community, or encourage your workplace to donate and become a part of this exciting new project. If you are interested in becoming a donor, sharing a one-time gift; or sharing a monthly donation, please contact Tessa at tessa@1justcity.ca.

We are grateful for your support, and know that together, we can and will make this vision a reality!