Volunteer Opportunities: 55+ Connection Group Host

We are looking for volunteers to help host and set-up the 55 plus group. This will include creating a welcoming space for all who come and facilitating the day's actives which will be planned in advance for you. Ensuring that any guest speakers are welcomed and have space to lead, and that snacks are taken care of will be supported be staff and other volunteers. 

We are looking for someone with leadership skills, interested in working with people experiencing barriers, and experiencing poverty, people interested or experience working in the Geriatric fields. 

Hours: Mondays, 8:30-11:30 AM

Location: 222 Furby Street, West Broadway Community Ministry

If you're interested, please contact volunteer@1justcity.ca.

Job Descriptions: 

Host Volunteer: Answers to Staff Point Person

8:30am: Arrive to help with set up. Look over plan for the day and announcements. Retrieve any activity instructions from the Activity Binder.

9:30 am: Greet guests and make them feel welcome. If there is a welcome activity, lead the group as they come in in a welcome activity or announce the discussion topic for the day. 

9:50 am: Announce that the snack will be going away at 10. 

10:00 am: Begin announcements and lead the wellness activity for the day. 

Around 10:20 am: allow time for a break and ask folks to come back in ten minutes. 

10:30 am: Introduce and welcome the presenter for the day. 

After the presentation is done, thank presenter and lead feedback time. 

11:20: Help put the tables and chairs back in order for drop-in to begin. 


Set-Up Volunteer: Answers to Staff Point Person

8:30am - Come in to make coffee and tea. Move tables off to the side and arrange chairs in a circle around the fireplace. Set out napkins and the snack on the counter top

9:30am- Be available to answer the door and greet guests. 

Make sure the cream and sugar are refilled. 

10am- Put snack away. 

11:20- Clean up space and rearrange drop-in space, returning tables and chairs to their regular spaces.