At 1JustCity, our primary role is to love the “underloved.”

                            That’s a term our guests use. They come to be part of a family; to be hugged; to be listened to; to matter.                                  We also provide meals, health services, socks and more. Every one of those services is an expression of love. 

And we love to love!

                          The idea of being underloved is actually from our drop-in family/guests who say they come to be a part of a family, to be hugged, to celebrate or mourn together and with volunteers and staff. Love can be listening, love can be socks, love is often a meal being prepared and served, and so what we do is love!


1JustCity is a union of essential charities and programs:

       Oak Table in Osborne Village where guests Get Better Together;

       Indigenous Cultural programming at all our sites;

       St Matthews Maryland Community Ministry, our food bank location in the West End;

       West Broadway Community Services, which houses our peer advocates program.

        Just a Warm Sleep at Augustine United Church


We have a greater impact serving Winnipeggers in need together – You can join us, and we’ll accomplish even more!