Indigenous Cultural Programming

1JustCity’s Indigenous Cultural Programming was born from the North End Stella Community

Ministry’s initiative in Winnipeg’s North End. Since 1980, NESCM has supported strong

Indigenous identity and culture, and repented the colonial effects on Indigenous nations in

Canada. Indigenous cultural programming is an essential piece when working towards


1JustCity believes that the first step to providing meaningful Indigenous cultural programming

is accessibility. We offer programming to everyone no matter where they may be in their lives,

where everyone is welcome to join, where everyone is equal and deserving of learning a new

skill such as sewing a medicine pouch. These activities can help to battle addiction or to just

learn more about their culture. All are welcome.

1JustCity is excited to be participating in a vital role for the community as an ally and partner

in building healthy relationships and leading the way in reconciliation. As one of our four pillars, we are committed to offering mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health practices through Indigenous cultural programming at our three sites.

We welcome anyone who simply is curious to learn a new skill or wants to be immersed in the culture. We invite you to learn more and visit us during our programming schedule.









Currently, our Indigenous cultural programming at our St, Matthew’s Maryland Community Ministry site is led by our Indigenous Cultural Safety Leader Lori Abraham. The programming includes beading and sewing groups, which take place twice a week During MB Code Red we will be offering outdoor Warming Fire Cultural Programming.  Current programming includes star teachings and storytelling outdoors by the fire; which is a traditional practice by Indigenous peoples during the winter months in most prairie regions.













1JustCity continues to host circles for reconciliation, as we move towards Sept. 30th Truth and Reconciliation Day we are planning this session to discuss what our day of action can look like as a group. We will discuss the calls to action and review documents that will aid us in making an informed decision towards meaningful action on behalf of 1JustCity. We will discuss ways to hold our leadership accountable to the 94 Calls to Action as recommended in the TRC Report. We encourage you all to attend and share your knowledge and personal commitments to working together as Canadians. We hope to see you all there, Miigwetch.


Regalia for families and children is another winter program that will be ongoing for those

who would like to learn and involve their children in the craft of making pow wow regalia for

their children to be involved in dance.

Our Indigenous cultural programming schedule will be year-round, adapting and changing

with the seasons as it is traditional to shift into different activities during the winter months.

We invite you to be a part of the circle.

You can be involved by donating to fund an indigenous program such as medicine picking for our sharing circles or a trip to the Museum to learn about Canada’s residential schools. You can also donate beads, crafting supplies, fabrics, leathers, trim, etc. These items will also be used to help with fundraisers. Our most experienced participants will be taking part in making beaded crafting items to be used for fundraising for 1JustCity.