Our Mission

1JustCity’s mission is to strengthen and sustain social justice work in Winnipeg through the financial support of its

member charities.

Our Vision

1JustCity works towards a city that is founded on justice, where all are heard, all are welcome, all are cared-for, all are

celebrated and all are working together.



1JustCity’s was created by the Winnipeg Presbytery of the United Church of Canada to assist the community ministries to continue their imperative work in Winnipeg.

“These are places that stabilize and support so many - the impact if they left overnight would be immeasurable and all negative” - Community Nurse

The support offered to folks experiencing poverty, loneliness, hunger or worse has always been done because of a deep sense that all are deserving of enough to eat, a place to belong, and a loving community. Winnipeg Presbytery knew that this work was harder for the local congregations to sustain, and also knew that many outside their community agreed with the offering of these basic human needs. All of our sites started as outreach ministries of the United Church of Canada, all of whom’s programs were offered without barriers to access. 1JustCity carries forward this tradition of compassion, inclusion and love to Winnipeg’s underloved.


Just a Warm Sleep



The above tweet started it all! This led to the opening of Just a Warm Sleep, which resonated and garnered support from generous Winnipeg donors. In January 2017 we opened Just a Warm Sleep on volunteer power and donor paid security. Going into its third season we’re so pleased to have staff thanks to the Thomas Sill Foundation and Winnipeg’s Extreme Weather Response Committee.