Where does the money go when I donate to 1JustCity?

When you donate to 1JustCity all of the funds are used to help us support our guests. This can mean we use your donation to buy tuna when we haven't had enough donated for sandwiches, or we may buy toilet paper for our bathrooms. We also use funds to pay for bills like heat, staff or security at Just a Warm Sleep and the outreach sites.


Are you a Christian organization?

1JustCity is a secular charity that was created by the United Church of Canada's Winnipeg Presbytery. All of the services offered at our sites were never limited to anyone of a particular religion nor has any religious involvement been required to access supports. Many of our volunteers are led to social justice work as a result of their Christian faith. Many of our volunteers are non Christian, they may be atheist, Muslim or Jewish. All are welcome. 


Can youth volunteer? 

Absolutely! Youth can volunteer at any age. Age 14 and under they must be accompanied by a guardian.  Ages 14 -16 they'll be supervised by an adult volunteer and 16 & up can volunteer independently. People can volunteer as a family preparing food, wrapping Christmas presents and much more! Young adults can also participate in our internship program! 


Is Augustine Church in danger of closing?

Due to many issues regarding permits (we are renovating a space over 120 years old), the build has taken longer than anticipated.  In September 2019, the tenants in the building moved out for the renovations to begin, so Augustine United Church hasn’t had income from those tenants for many months.  The costs of operating the building all on their own are hard to manage.  All of us are working towards getting this build started and getting the funds needed so there won’t be any further delay.


Are the people using your services causing crimes in the area?

Most of our guests are struggling with meeting their basic needs. For some of them panhandling is a way they make money, others sell art they've created or take on odd jobs. Although some of the guests may be using substances that are illegal - their addictions stem from serious trauma. In our harm reduction approach we meet them where they're at and work with them to build a better life for themselves and in so doing all of us. People having their basic needs met reduces crimes of desperation. 

Why should people support people who are homeless?

Homelessness can happen to anyone if the right , or in this case wrong, circumstances happen. In our staff's lives we have had incidents of relationship breakups or renovation mishaps that have led to temporary homelessness - the difference being we all had family and friends that gave us a safe space. For the guests at 1JustCity the social network they have can't offer that safe space, so we do. Sometimes its temporary and sometimes people experiencing homelessness had something fall apart and they haven't figured out how to put something different back together. Once you're homeless the steps to getting housed and finding support to do that are minimal and the barriers are many. We're happy to work with other Winnipeg organizations to try to make that an easier process for folks. 


Are people using drugs at 1JustCity sites?

We do not allow the use of any drugs (except prescription medications) inside our spaces. Folks may have been using prior to entry. All are welcome so long as they make everyone else feel safe and welcome too, by acting in accordance with our respectful code of conduct.


1JustCity Code of Conduct


We are all here to:

-Build Community

-Respect each other

-Be accountable for our actions

-Keep everyone safe